N2 roadworks are 80% complete

A Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) project to rehabilitate 7 km of the N2 between Borcherds Quarry Rd and the R300, and to add a third lane in both directions, is 80% complete.

This R186 million project began in January 2016 and is expected to have been completed in October 2017, if everything goes according to plan.

Phase 2 work is progressing well. This includes the rehabilitation of the existing middle and left lanes; the construction of the final riding surface; the installation of street lighting; and road marking.

DTPW is aware that one of the big frustrations that motorists are experiencing is that there is no room for emergency stopping in zones under construction. This means that any breakdowns in these zones cause major traffic disruptions. The Department asks motorists to be patient, and taxi operators to stay out of areas under construction.

Once completed, this road upgrade is expected to benefit the 82 000 vehicles that travel on this section of the N2 every day. The carrying capacity of the road will be improved, especially for buses and taxis during peak periods. Ride quality, safety and visibility will also be better.

Many people have benefited directly from the short-term employment and skills training opportunities that the project has delivered. Contract expenditure to date is R17,8 million for targeted enterprises. A total of 19 121 person-days of work have been created so far for people residing in the City of Cape Town municipal area. A total of 26 men and 11 women are currently working on the project.

DTPW is aware that roadworks are frustrating and assures road users that the construction team is doing everything in its power to facilitate the free flow of traffic. Motorists are encouraged to exercise caution and adhere to the speed limit at all times.

Source/ Author: http://www.saconstructionnews.co.za/construction/17067-n2-roadworks-are-80-complete